when I was finishing up High school we made a little impromptu graduation trip to a local fun center. 5 of us piled into a car and started on our way. By one of the toll booths we went through on the left side not realizing that the exit we needed was all the way on the left. The driver flicks on signal and cuts across … » 3/30/14 9:34am 3/30/14 9:34am

I have a theory that any car that sports hubcaps will have a a worse ride then one without. Why? Simple when they balance the wheels with new tires they do it without the hubcaps on. The second that they slap a hubcap on they are now unbalancing the wheel. Ergo worse ride. » 3/15/14 9:20pm 3/15/14 9:20pm

the guy who drove his mercedes without it on him and stopped the car 30 miles later at a gas station does not agree with you...seriously why is there not a protocol written in to warn you when you don't have the key on you? also what happens if I park the car next to the front door where I keep my keys...close enough… » 2/17/14 6:55pm 2/17/14 6:55pm